I need to ride. I don’t just like to ride, love to ride, enjoy riding. But I need to ride. If I don’t ride, I become depressed, agitated, grumpy, annoyed, short-tempered. Riding is my personal psychiatrist, my way of relieving stress and everything calms down when I ride. My brain quiets, all of the issues I have in my life cease to exist for that hour or two that I sit in my saddle atop my favorite animal in my life. Riding isn’t a want, it’s a necessity.
me explaining to a misunderstanding cousin (via equinegear)

Do more of what you love


Paint, read, write, sing, dance, do it all. Sit on the computer all day if it’s what you love, eat an entire bag of chips, paint each finger nail a different color, learn to bake that three-teared-cake you’ve always wanted to. Take a bubble bath, play with your dog, learn an instrument, but most importantly, learn to fall in love with life.